outdoor [adj/adv] in the open air alfresco, casual, free, garden, healthful, hilltop, informal, in the open, invigorating, mountain, natural, nature-loving, out-of-doors, out of the house, outside, patio, picnic, rustic, unrestricted, woods, yard; concept 583 —Ant. indoor

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  • Outdoor — Out door , a. [For out of door.] Being, or done, in the open air; being or done outside of certain buildings, as poorhouses, hospitals, etc.; as, outdoor exercise; outdoor relief; outdoor patients. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Outdoor — (engl. „draußen“) steht für: Freizeitaktivitäten in der Natur, siehe Natursport Freilandanbau von Cannabis, siehe Outdoor Growing Outdoor (Zeitschrift), eine Zeitschrift Outdoor (Messe), eine Fachmesse für Natursportausrüstung in Friedrichshafen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Outdoor — est un terme qui est utilisé en aéromodélisme, souvent en opposition avec le mot indoor . Il est usité souvent pour les petits parck flyer qui sont capables de voler dans les deux milieux, soit des avions d a peu près 1 mètre d envergure. Ce sont …   Wikipédia en Français

  • outdoor — outdoor, outdoors Outdoor is an adjective (outdoor games), whereas outdoors is an adverb (The concert was held outdoors) or noun (the great outdoors) …   Modern English usage

  • outdoor — / aʊtdɔ:/, it. / autdɔr/ agg. ingl. [comp. di out fuori e door porta ]. (sport.) [di gara, competizione atletica e sim., che si svolge all aperto] ◀▶ indoor …   Enciclopedia Italiana

  • outdoor — (adj.) 1748, from OUT (Cf. out) + DOOR (Cf. door). Out of door is from c.1800. The adv. outdoors is attested from 1817; as a noun, meaning open spaces, the word is recorded from 1857. Outdoorsman one who likes outdoors activities is from 1958 …   Etymology dictionary

  • outdoor — |autedóre| s. m. Cartaz ou painel publicitário de grandes dimensões, normalmente mais largo do que alto e colocado geralmente em locais de muito movimento. • Plural: outdoors.   ‣ Etimologia: palavra inglesa …   Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa

  • outdoor — /autˈdɔr, ingl. ˈautˌdɔː(r)/ [vc. ingl., comp. di out «fuori» e door «porta»] agg. inv. (di gara) all aperto CONTR. indoor (ingl.), al chiuso …   Sinonimi e Contrari. Terza edizione

  • outdoor — ► ADJECTIVE 1) done, situated, or used outdoors. 2) liking the outdoors …   English terms dictionary

  • outdoor — [out΄dôr′] adj. 1. being or taking place outdoors 2. of, relating to, or fond of the outdoors …   English World dictionary

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